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Shane Horgan

PhD Candidate

Edinburgh Law School

University of Edinburgh

I am a 4th year PhD Student at the Edinburgh Law School, University of Edinburgh. I previously completed an MSc in Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Edinburgh, and Bachelors in Social Science at University College Cork.  My doctoral research explores the way people make sense of, feel about and respond to the problems of cybercrime and cybersecurity in their everyday lives. Drawing on qualitative empirical research conducted in 2016 and 2017, my thesis argues that public sensibilities towards cybercrime are complex, multi-faceted, socio-technical phenomena which have important consequences for the way people go about doing, negotiating, and resisting 'cybersecurity'. I am also an ordinary course tutor at the Edinburgh law school where I have taught at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels on a variety of courses. I am generally interested in the application of social and criminological theory to better understand cybercrime and its control,  the development of more sociological accounts of public cybersecurity practices, and making sense of social reaction to cybercrime. 


Journal Articles

Horgan, S., & Collier, B. (2016). Barriers to a Cyberaware Scotland. Scottish Justice Matters, 4(3), 19-20.


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