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Madeleine van der Bruggen

PhD Candidate and Researcher at Child Exploitation Team

Dutch National Police

Madeleine van der Bruggen is a criminologist and psychologist, and she is currently working as an expert on digital sex crimes for the Child Exploitation Team of the Dutch National Police. In this role, she delivers training and gives behavioral investigative advice for local and federal child pornography and child abuse investigations. She regularly consults on matters such as interviewing techniques, threat and risk assessments and offender profiling.
As part of her role with the federal police, Madeleine is currently also working on a PhD exploring child exploitation networks on the Darkweb. In a world characterized by globalization and technological innovation, child exploitation crime is becoming more digitally sophisticated, and criminological academic research on this matter is limited, due to the illegal nature of the data involved. Madeleine fills this gap by directly analyzing the child exploitation network data involving hundred thousands of members, and millions of messages and images, with the aim of not only gaining more (theoretical) knowledge, but also of connecting the world of policing with the scientific world. Via a multi-methodological approach, she identifies the criminal activities, criminal associations and network structures in these largescale child exploitation networks.

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