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Dr James Martin is a Senior Lecturer and Criminology Masters Program Coordinator at the Department of Security Studies and Criminology at Macquarie University. His doctoral research focused on the role of police and vigilante groups in an informal settlement in Johannesburg. During his PhD studies, Dr Martin also conducted extensive research as part of an ARC funded project investigating the use of CCTV surveillance systems in urban centres across Australia.

Dr Martin is one of the foremost experts on cryptomarkets and the online trade in illicit drugs, and published the world's first research monograph on this topic. He is currently leading an international team of researchers on an Australian Institute of Criminology funded project examining online illicit drug traders, and is second Chief Investigator on a National Medical Health Research Council funded project investigating the health impacts of cryptomarkets. Dr Martin is also founding member of the Cryptomarkets Research Hub, an international and multidisciplinary research network focused on the study of the online illicit drugs trade.

Dr Martin's online drug research has produced significant impact both within and outside of academia, and was cited by the legal defence team in the trial of the world's most prolific online drug trader, Ross Ulbricht, the administrator of the infamous cryptomarket Silk Road. In 2015 he was awarded the New Scholar Prize by the Australian & New Zealand Society of Criminology, and Macquarie University awarded him the Faculty of Arts Early Career Researcher of the Year Award for 2015.

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