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Dr Elena Martellozzo is a criminologist and a senior lecturer at Middlesex University, London. Elena’s research includes exploring children and young people’s online behaviour, the analysis of sexual grooming and police practice in the area of child sexual abuse. In an innovative and collaborative partnership between operational policing and academic research, the first of its kind, Elena embedded herself into the newly formed London Metropolitan Police’s Paedophile and High Tech Crime Unit (2003-2009). She was given unprecedented access to documents, staff, and facilities enabling her to view and understand online predators in their ‘natural environment’. More recently (2016), she co-led a piece of research on behalf of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) and Office of the he Office of the Children's Commissioner (OCC) on the impact online pornography may have on young people.


Currently Elena is co-leading a research project for the Internet Watch Foundation, evaluating key performance indicators and desired outcomes in safeguarding cyberspace from illegal content by the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF).  Specifically, the research explores the links between the IWFs primary provisions, including Notice and Takedown (NTD) requests; the management and evolution of a URL black list; and IWFs effectiveness in and the provision of support to multi-stakeholders in securing and implementing a safe cyberspace. 


The findings of her research inform police and other agencies strategy and practice both in Italy and the UK. Elena develops and delivers training programmes for Prometeo, an Italian leading charity who supports victims of sexual abuse, and police officers working in child protection. Elena is the author of Online Child Sexual Abuse (2012), which has become a seminal text, and co-author of Cybercrime and Its Victims (2017).


She works closely with the media and provides regular experts advice to the BBC, Sky News, The Guardian, ITV, The Times. In 2016 Elena received the award of ‘young Italian Talent in the Untied Kingdom’ by the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Italian Embassy in the United Kingdom.



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Book Chapters:

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Edited Books/ Journals

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Journals / Articles

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