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Dr. David Maimon

Associate Professor

Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice

University of Maryland

David Maimon is an Associate Professor in the department of Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Maryland. He received his Ph.D. in Sociology from the Ohio State University in 2009.


David’s research interests include cyber-enabled and cyber-dependent crimes and experimental research methods. In 2015 he was awarded the “2015 Young Scholar Award” from the “White-Collar Crime Research Consortium of the National White-Collar Crime Center” for his cybercrime research. His current research focuses on computer hacking and the progression of system trespassing events, online deception and fraud, computer networks vulnerabilities to cyber attacks, and decision-making process in cyber space.

He is also conducting research on intellectual property and the digital divide.


Book Chapters:

  • Hattie, J., Maimon, D., & Ren, W. (2017). Sanction Threat and Friendly Persuasion Effects on System Trespassers’ Behaviors During a System Trespassing Event. In Holt, T. (Ed.), Cyber Crime Through an Interdisciplinary Lens. Routledge: New York.

  • Maimon, D., & Testa, A. (2016). On the Relevance of Cyber Criminological Research in the Design of Policies and Sophisticated Security Solutions against CyberTerrorism Events. In LaFree, G., & Freilich, J. (Eds.), The Handbook of the Criminology of Terrorism. John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

  • Maimon D. (2013). Quantitative Methods used by Criminologists in the 19th Century. In Weisburd, D., & Bruinsma, G. (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice. New York: Springer.

Journal Articles:

  • Testa, Alexander^, David Maimon, Bertrand Sobesto and Michel Cukier . 2017 . “Illegal Roaming and File Manipulation on Target Computers: Assessing the Effect of Sanction Threats on System Trespassers Online Behavior.” Criminology and Public Policy​

  • Howell, Christian^, David Maimon, John Cochran, Hattie Jones^ and Rachel Powers. 2017. “The Restrictive Deterrent Effect of Warning Banners in Compromised Computer System.” International Journal of Cyber Criminology.

  • Wilson, Theodore^., David Maimon, Bertrand Sobesto^ and Michel Cukier. 2015 “The Effect of Surveillance Banner in an Attacked Computer System: Additional Evidence for the Relevance of Restrictive Deterrence in Cyber Space.” Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency

  • Maimon, David., ^Theodore Wilson, Wuling Ren and ^Tamar Berenblom. 2015. On the Relevance of Spatial and Temporal Dimensions in Assessing Computer Susceptibility to System Trespassing Incidents.” British Journal of Criminology.

  • Maimon David, ^Mariel Alper, Michel Cukeir and ^Bertrand Sobesto. 2014. “Restrictive Deterrent Effects of a Warning Banner in an Attacked Computer System.” Criminology.

  • Maimon David, ^Amy Sariti, Michel Cukier, and ^Bertrand Sobesto. 2013. “Daily Trends and Origin of Computer Focused Crimes Against a Large University Computer Network: An Application of the Routine Activities and Life Style Perspective.” British Journal of Criminology.

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