Dr. Daiji Hario

Associate Professor

Setsunan University

Dr Daiji Hario is Associate professor at the Setsunan University, Osaka, Japan and he is also working as  cybercrime investigation consultant of Osaka police to support their investigation.
He received his Ph.D in Informatics from the Waseda University, Japan and he is now conducting research into cybercriminal behavior and activities and also developing criminal profiling tools for crime investigation as an expert in behavioral profiling.


Journal Articles

  • Hario, D. (2017). Supporting and Evaluation of Endpoint Security Policy of SMEs against APT, Journal of Information Communication & Society 13(1),14-18.

  • Hario, D. (2013). Profiling Influencers in an SNS Community by the Application of Text Mining & Hayashi's Third Method of Quantification, Journal of Management Science 4, 9-16.

Conference Proceedings

  • Hario, D. (2017). Cyber Offender Profiling: Cyber Stalking, International Conference on Social Media & Society 17, July 2017 , Ryerson University in Toronto.

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