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Dr. Lisa Sugiura

Senior Lecturer in Criminology & Cybercrime

University of Portsmouth

Lisa Sugiura, is Senior Lecturer in Criminology & Cybercrime and Postgraduate Programme Area Leader - Distance Learning Programmes (MSc Criminal Justice DL) at the University of Portsmouth, UK. Her research specialises in cybercrime and the role of online participation in shifting deviant and criminal behaviours including online abuse and drug taking. Lisa’s publications include the book, Respectable Deviance and Purchasing Medicine Online: Opportunities and Risks for Consumers, published by Palgrave Macmillan (2018).




  • Sugiura L (2018) Respectable Deviance and Online Medicine Purchasing: Opportunities and Risks for Consumers. Palgrave McMillan

Book Chapters

  • Powell, A. & Sugiura, L. (Forthcoming) Resisting Rape Culture in Digital Society International Handbook on Violent Studies. DeKeseredy, W., Rennison, C. & Hall-Sanchez, A. (eds.). Routledge, (Routledge International Handbooks) 

Journal Articles

  • Lavorgna, A., & Sugiura, L. (2018). Caught in a lie: the rise and fall of a respectable deviant. Deviant Behavior, 1-14.

  • Sugiura, L., Wiles, R., & Pope, C. (2017). Ethical challenges in online research: Public/private perceptions. Research Ethics, 13(3-4), 184-199.

  • Sugiura, L, (2013) Public and private faces in web spaces – How Goffman’s work can be used to think about purchasing medicine online. In the Working Papers on Health Sciences Journal. Aug, 2013.

  • El-Din, Rasha. Salah and Sugiura L. (2013) To deceive or not to deceive! Legal implications of phishing covert research, Int. J. Intellectual Property Management, 6(4).

Conference Proceedings

  • Sugiura, L, Pope, C, Weal, M, and Webber, C (2012) Observing Deviancy Online. In the proceedings of the Digital Research Conference 2012, Oxford

  • Sugiura, L., Pope, C. and Webber, C. (2012) Buying unlicensed slimming drugs from the Web: a virtual ethnography. In the proceedings of the Web Science Conference 2012, Chicago, US, 22 - 24 Jun 2012. 4pp

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