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Publications - 2008

  • Cerezo, A. I., Lopez, J., & Patel, A. (2007, August). International cooperation to fight transnational cybercrime. In Digital Forensics and Incident Analysis, 2007. WDFIA 2007. Second International Workshop on (pp. 13-27). IEEE.‏

  • Davidson, J. and Martellozzo, E. (2008) ‘Policing the Internet: Protecting Vulnerable Children from Sex Offenders in Cyberspace’ in Police Investigations Police Practice & Research: An International Journal (PPR). Routledge

  • Davidson, J., Martellozzo, E. (2008) ‘Protecting Children in Cyberspace’  ‘Sex Crime’ (Eds) Letherby, G., Birch, P., Cain, M. and Williams, K. Willan Publishers.

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